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Audio Engineering: Start Here

This site has been developed to help you quickly find the information you need to augment your skills as an audio engineer.

Library of Congress (LC) Call Numbers

ML3790-3792 Music Trade
ML3795  Music as a Profession
ML3797-3799.5   Musical Research
ML3805-3817 Music Physics and Acoustics
MT1-960 Music Instruction and Study
NA2800 Architectural Acoustics
QC221-246 Acoustics (Sound)
TK5101-6720 Telecommunication (including Radio and Television)
TK7800-8360 Electronics

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Sections in this Guide


Audio Principles

    - Production

    - Recording

    - Mixing

    - Mastering

Audio Technology

    - Digital Audio Workstations

    - Studio Technology

Useful Resources

    - Business/Career

    - Home/Project Studios


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