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Data Management Plans (DMP): What is a DMP?


A Data Management Plan (DMP) is a document that outlines how your data is going to be organized and managed during a research project and after completion. Other objectives to plan for include the consideration of metadata creation, digital preservation, and data analysis. These efforts can bring quality control to the project and the ability of for others to re-use the data in other projects later.

This guide was created to assist you with your DMP. It includes information on:

Who requires a DMP? Besides being a valuable reference tool to the researcher, DMPs are becoming required with most government financed research.

Elements of a DMP. What should be included in your DMP? This section includes link to the DMPTool, a free online tool which will assist you in creating a winning DMP.

Templates/Examples. Databases which house numerous examples of actual DMPs and templates specific to certain funding sources.

Additional Library Assistance is available in the form of additional online tools, research data management literature and direct assistance. A librarian is available to help you review your DMP and offer helpful feedback.

Data Management Plans in 3 Minutes

Courtesy of the Betty and Gordon Moore Library, University of Cambridge