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Using TechCat+: Frequently Asked Questions

Lawrence Tech's version of WorldCat Local is a window into resources on campus, on the web, and at other libraries...a great place to start research

FAQs about TechCat+

Q.  What is TechCat+ ?

A.  TechCat+ ("TechCat Plus") is Lawrence Tech's version of WorldCat Discovery, which in turn is a specialized version of WorldCat emphasizing the materials owned by Lawrence Tech first, and then items from all libraries all over the world. 

Q. What makes TechCat+ special?

A.  TechCat+ is a new breed of catalog, a "Discovery" service.  This means TechCat+ includes not only the books, and ebooks, and journal titles that LTU owns, but also lists periodical articles, DVDs, archival materials, some images, electronic resources, and nearly anything else libraries keep and catalog.  You can search by keyword, then narrow to the type of item you want (e.g., peer-reviewed articles, ebooks, print books, etc.), or narrow by other ways.

Q.  Does this mean I don't have to use other databases?

A.  Not exactly.  A Discovery catalog could be all you need, but it is designed to be a place to start finding out about a topic.  Most students will then move on to narrow their topic in the Library Research Guides.

Q.  I am not finding the text of what I need.

A.  Please let us know if you have ANY issues using TechCat+.  Discovery catalogs are new products and are undergoing constant improvements. We need to know if you have any problems so we can report any operational issues.

Q.  What if LTU doesn't have what I find?

A.  Sometimes we DO own it but TechCat+ doesn't show it correctly...the librarians can verify.   If it is a book, and it is available in a MelCat library, you can order it free.  Or, you can order books and articles from Interlibrary Loan from that button as well.  For articles, double check the links.  Or, just email and let us figure it out for you.  You can call too, 248-204-3000.  If we don't have it, we can usually get it.

TechCat and MelCat

If you are using TechCat, and you see ownership at a MelCat library, it is a clue you can probably order this right from MelCat.  It will be sent to LTU at no charge from one of 400+ libraries in Michigan.

-Find the item that says "MelCat"

-Copy the title (highlight, then "copy" or control-C)

-In the upper right, pull-down "Library Links"  

-Right-click on "Search MelCat" to save your place in TechCat

-Paste your search then see who owns the title

-If you find the title "Available" go ahead and click "Get this for me"

-Fill in your first and last name and your nine-digit Banner number

-You will be notified when the book comes in, allow about a week.