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Citing Your Sources: Citation Basics

Creating Citations

Create a citation in TechCat and most databases:
  • Look for the "cite/export" tool
  • Select the appropriate citation style to create the reference (may appear in a pop-up box)
  • Copy and paste it into your Word document - you may have to create a hanging indent or adjust spacing, etc.
  • Check the citation for accuracy 

Citation Examples -and Tips

Types of Articles

What type of article do you want? What kind of article have you found?

Popular articles are usually written by a journalist for a general audience. The sources of the information presented are not usually cited.

Scholarly articles are written by scholars and experts in a particular field. Before an article is published it will be reviewed and evaluated by a  panel of other academics or experts in that field. This is called peer-review. A peer-reviewed or scholarly article usually follows a particular format including:

  • an abstract at the beginning
  • a detailed description of the research followed by a conclusion
  • a bibliography of sources 
  • journal title, date,  authors and their institutions are easily identified
  • articles identified in the TechCat, library catalogue or a database, such as ScienceDirect are often identified as peer-reviewed, scholarly or research articles


Citation Tools

Annotated Bibliographies

An annotated bibliography is NOT the same as compiling a Reference List or Works Cited page at the end of a research paper. The links below include the "basics" to help you create an annotated bibliography.

General Resources