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Using TechCat+: Basics

Lawrence Tech's version of WorldCat Local is a window into resources on campus, on the web, and at other libraries...a great place to start research

What's in TechCat+ ?

What is included in a search in WorldCat Local?

Books, journal titles, ejournals, articles, and other items at Lawrence Tech (these always display FIRST)

Books, journal titles, and other items at other libraries (these always display after LTU items)

"Libraries and Relevance" shows LTU first; "Relevance" shows any library

Starred items (*) are already included in basic "" search, and all databases in the section below are searched every time:

-Academic OneFile (Gale)

-ACM Digital Library
-ASCE books and journals
-ASME transactions and proceedings
-Article First*

-Biomed Central
-Business Insights
-Business Source Compete (limited)
-Ebrary Academic Complete ebooks*
-Emerald Journals
-General OneFile (Gale)
-IEEE database
-INFORMS journals
-IOP Science
-Medline PubMed*
-Proquest Psychology
-SAE Papers
-Sage Journals
-Springer Journals

Using "Advanced Search" you can add 40+ databases, including

-Applied Science and Technology Abstracts
-Art Abstracts (Wilson)
-Avery Index (limited)
-Biological and Ag Index
-Business Abstracts (Wilson)
-Education Abstracts
-General Science Abstracts
-Health Reference Academic
-Humanities Abstracts
-Omnifile (Wilson)
-Social Science Abstracts

and more

What is TechCat+ ?

TechCat+ is a discovery includes everything that the older TechCat had, but adds access to books in MelCat and WorldCat, offers selected periodical articles, videos, and other resources.  You can even add additional databases to search via the "Advanced Search" screen.

But remember, although TechCat+ is a good place to start, it doesn't include everything.
Make sure you check our subject guides in your area of interest to explore even more resources.

If you do not find your item in TechCat+'s MelCat links, double check in the regular MelCat search (  It it is still not available in MelCat, perhaps the library can get it for you from another library via Interlibrary Loan.

Search Tips

To search Lawrence Tech and other libraries, choose "Libraries Worldwide". 

-->Lawrence Tech books and articles are always shown first, followed by other libraries' holdings. 

If you only want Lawrence Tech items, change the search location to "Lawrence Tech" in the pull-down box.

Choose "Advanced Search" to add other databases, to limit by date or item type, and other options.

"Available" usually means "Available in the Library" and "View Now" means it is available online.  Sometimes an item is both.  However, if an item is only online, it may also be shown as "available".


Limit your search by type, date, author, etc. with the column on the left, similar to most shopping websites.  You can limit from the advanced search page, but it may make more sense to search first, then limit.

Highly Recommended:

You can add labels to add precision to your search if starting from a plain searchbox:

Add kw: ti: au: before your search terms for more precision  ("kw:" searches in more fields)

For an exact title, you can use "ti="  (ti=cover letters)   [similar to "starts with these words, and in this order"]

To make sure the words are adjacent, but anywhere in the title, use ti:"cover letters"

You can combine searches, such as au:wright  kw:architecture

Search these Databases Separately

These databases stand alone, search them by themselves

-Avery Index/Art Abstracts

-Engineering Village

-Faulkner (FAITS and Security)

-Lexis/Nexis (coming soon to TechCat+)


-SAE Papers (also in TechCat+)



TechCat Discovery

The next generation of TechCat is expected to be released during Summer 2016: TechCat Discovery.

You can preview it now.  It has the same content as TechCat+, but with a new interface:



Need help? Contact the library at 248-204-3000 or email