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Psychology: Print/Reference

Library of Congress (LC) Call Numbers

The locations where psychology books are shelved in the LTU Library:


BF176-176.5  Psychological Tests and Testing
BF180-198.7 Experimental Psychology
BF203 Gestalt Psychology
BF231-299 Sensations. Aesthesiology
BF309-499 Consciousness. Cognition
BF501-505 Motivation
BF511-593 Affection. Feeling. Emotion
BF608-635 Will. Volition. Choice. Control
BF636-637 Applied Psychology
BF660-685 Comparative Psychology. Animal and Human Psychology
BF692-692.5 Psychology of Sex. Sexual Behavior
BF697-697.5 Differential Psychology. Individuality. Self
BF698-698.5 Personality
BF699-711 Genetic Psychology
BF712-724.85 Developmental Psychology
BF1001-1389 Parapsychology
HF5548.7-5548.85 Industrial Psychology
HM1001-1281 Social psychology
HV6035-6197 Criminal anthropology
QP351-495 Neurophysiology and neuropsychology
RC321-571 Neurosciences. Biological Psychiatry. Neuropsychiatry
RC435-571 Psychiatry
RC475-489 Therapeutics. Psychotherapy
RC500-510 Psychoanalysis
RC512-569.5 Psychopathology
RJ499-507 Child psychiatry