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Guides to Industries and Occupations

Career Guide to Industries 

For dozens of different kinds of industries--such as education services, healthcare, and motor vehicle and parts manufacturing--the Career Guide to Industry tells you about:

  • Occupations in the industry                                                             
  • Training and advancement
  • Earnings
  • Expected job prospects
  • Working conditions
In addition, the Career Guide gives you links to information about the job market in each state and more.  You can also view Frequently Asked Questions about the Career Guide.
O*NET Online has detailed descriptions of the world of work for job seekers, workforce development and HR professionals, students, researchers and more!

Careers & Vocations

Job search and career checklists: 101 proven time-saving checklists to organize and plan your career search.

"The thought of looking for a job is daunting to some people, where do they start? So imagine how helpful it would be to have a series of checklists to help them get started and organize their time and tasks. Job seekers gain immediate confidence by following these "to do" checklists. They know they've covered all their bases which leaves them more time to concentrate on important skills and tasks such as networking and interviewing. Whether starting a new career or analyzing present job progress, readers will find this book a great tool for assessing needs, gaining confidence in all job-hunting tasks that need to be accomplished, initiating job search, improving their current jobs, and exploring career options. Checklists include, Personality, interest, and skill inventories; time management and financial planning tips; eight ways to improve your current job; career decision making checklists; sample answers to the most difficult interview questions, and more,"--Amazon

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