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COM 1001 Pathways to Research Careers: Introduction

Constructing a Research Question

Your Research Project

This presentation will address the following questions in conducting, organizing and presenting your research for this class:

Refining Your Idea - how do you organize your ideas and your project to conduct your research in the most efficient, time-saving way possible? (p27-33)

Searching - with seemingly endless possibilities where to start your search, which do you choose? What is the most precise and efficient way to search those?

Evaluation - your literature review can only be as strong as the sources you use. What criteria can you apply to your sources to ensure that they are of the highest possible quality? Are they also relevant?

Literature Review - now that you have collected your information, what are the paradigms for interpreting it? (p148-154)

Citation - now that you have gathered the most relevant information for your literature review, how do you proper cite and manage your sources? (p136-140)

Page numbers above in bold indicate the corresponding pages in the "Your Research Project" textbook.

Presenter: Steven Kish from the Lawrence Tech Library