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LTU Library (How/Where to Access): Items outside of LTU

Options for Walk-in Borrowing from Other Libraries

INFOPASS allows LTU students to use and check-out library resources in participating southeastern Michigan academic libraries. You must to come into the LTU library to get an INFOPASS before you can use this service. A list of participating libraries is here. INFOPASS polices are listed here.

MI Library Card allows LTU students to use and check-out library resources in participating Michigan libraries. You must come into the LTU library to get a MI Library Card sticker before you can use this service. A list of participating libraries is here. MI Library Card policies are listed here.

LTU has an agreement with other local libraries to borrow items.  Usually, the user is limited to three books at one time.  We recommend that you bring a copy of your current class schedule along with the LTU picture ID. The list of Reciprocal Borrowing Libraries can be found here.

If you wish for an item to be renewed, you must contact the library it was borrowed from. You must return all items to the libraries you borrow them from. If you receive any lost/overdue fees from other libraries, you are required to pay them through that library. Unpaid fees will be billed to you through the LTU business office.

Requesting Items to be sent to the LTU Library

For items not held by LTU, select the red "Request Item via Interlibrary Loan" button in TechCat. Articles are sent to the student's email address. Book requests may be re-routed through the MeL system, as it is usually faster. Click here to see current borrowing policies. We will not request textbooks via Interlibrary Loan.

You can place MeL (Michigan eLibrary) requests for books and media: search the MeL site for the desired item, click the "Get this from MelCat" button to the right of the item, select "Lawrence Technological University" as the account, enter your last name and your Banner ID number. Click here to see current borrowing policies.

Can you return the book for me? 
For MeL loans, we can send books to libraries that participate in Michigan's RIDES statewide delivery service.  Allow 5-7 days for delivery.   If we get a book for you via interlibrary loan, we will return that book in the mail and times will vary.

Do you know of anything that would improve our collection? Are we missing part of a series or collection? If so, you can request a purchase here for review by our library staff. If we are unable to purchase it, we may be able to get it to you via Interloan request. Note: we do not purchase or Interloan textbooks.

MOBIUS Missouri

Interlibrary loans for books sent through the LTU library in Southfield, Michigan would take too long to reach our distance students in Missouri. Therefore, LTU students in Missouri can request books through MOBIUS, a collaborative partnership of libraries. MOBIUS is a consortium of libraries in Missouri with a shared borrowing system using Inn-Reach software. If you are a Missouri resident or attend a Missouri institution, you can search in MOBIUS and request items to be sent to your local library.

Note: journal articles are usually sent in PDF format and can sometimes come within hours via Article Exchange to your email. LTU students can continue to request articles through TechCat and they will be sent to the student's email box. If there are any questions about how or where to request materials, remember to contact the library at or 248.204.3000.

You can learn more about the MOBIUS program here.

To have books sent to your local MOBIUS library in Missouri:

1. Access the Branch List in MOBIUS.

2. Select the State of Missouri and locate your closest MOBIUS branch.

3. Use TechCat to determine what books you need.

4. Search and request the book through MOBIUS Search.

*For journal articles, please place your request through TechCat.