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General: Citing Sources

Items that cover a broad range of interests

Creating Citations

Create a citation in TechCat and most databases:
  • Look for the "cite/export" tool
  • Select the appropriate citation style to create the reference (may appear in a pop-up box)
  • Copy and paste it into your Word document - you may have to create a hanging indent or adjust spacing, etc.
  • Check the citation for accuracy 

Types of Articles

What type of article do you want? What kind of article have you found?

Popular articles are usually written by a journalist for a general audience. The sources of the information presented are not usually cited.

Scholarly articles are written by scholars and experts in a particular field. Before an article is published it will be reviewed and evaluated by a  panel of other academics or experts in that field. This is called peer-review. A peer-reviewed or scholarly article usually follows a particular format including:

  • an abstract at the beginning
  • a detailed description of the research followed by a conclusion
  • a bibliography of sources 
  • journal title, date,  authors and their institutions are easily identified
  • articles identified in the TechCat, library catalogue or a database, such as ScienceDirect are often identified as peer-reviewed, scholarly or research articles


Citation Assistants - Basic

These tools help you create citations to copy and paste into a Word document. Note that your citations will not be saved in these free citation generators.

"How to" examples

Citation Tools

Annotated Bibliographies

An annotated bibliography is NOT the same as compiling a Reference List or Works Cited page at the end of a research paper. The links below include the "basics" to help you create an annotated bibliography.

General Resources