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LTU Book Club: Books & Articles

Brought to you by the Black Student Union and sponsored by Student Government

Book Club presented by LTU Black Student Union

Please join the Black Student Union, Student Government, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. City of Detroit Chapter in reading and discussing books and articles about black culture, history, and experience. The Book Club typically meets on the last Wednesday of each month with a mid-day and evening meeting opportunities.  The specific date, time, and Zoom link is available on 


There are no meetings during Summer 2021 term.

Suggested Reading for Upcoming Meetings

Discussions will resume during Fall 2021 Term.

Blue Devil mascot holding books


Multiple copies of titles below are available at Lawrence Tech Library.  Books donated by Student Government.

Suggested Books from Other Sources

You can request these books for pick up at Lawrence Tech Library or at your local public library within Michigan. Ask your Lawrence Tech librarians for assistance.

Books at Lawrence Tech Library


Read Roni Caryn Rabin's report in the New York Times report: Pulse Oximeter Devices Have Higher Error Rate in Black Patients  To keep up with timely, related news activate your free LTU New York Times educational pass.

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Listen to NPR All Things Considered interview with registered dietitian Vanessa Rissetto: A Black Dietitian Wants to Close the Nutrition Gap and read the related Bon Appetit article: Beggs, Alex. "There’s a Nutrition Divide in This Country. So I Became a Dietitian.", Jan 21, 2021.  Also published as Beggs, Alex. "Fighting the Nutrition Divide." Bon Appetit, vol. 66, no. 1, 2021, p. 36.