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Using Other Libraries: Walk-In Borrowing

What each library offers

Libraries listed offer one or more of the following options:

MI Library Card

Reciprocal Borrowing Libraries

Lawrence Tech has an agreement with these libraries to walk-in and check out books.  Usually, the user is limited to three books at one time.  We highly recommend you bring a copy of your current class schedule along with the LTU picture ID.

You are subject to the terms of that library's borrowing policies.

Can I Renew It?

Can I renew the book I got from another library?
For Recipical/InfoPass: It depends on the other library to decide this, so you must contact that library in advance of the due date.  If you incur any fines or refuse to return an item, Lawrence Tech Library is forced to pay and it will be reflected on your record at the Business Office.

Can you return the book for me? 
For reciprocal loans, we can send books to libraries that participate in Michigan's RIDES statewide delivery service.  Allow 5-7 days for delivery.   If we get a book for you via interlibrary loan, we return that book in the mail.

Need help? Contact the library at 248.204.3000 or email