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Additional content for LTU Library Instruction modularized learning videos.

LTU Library Videos (with links to accompanying websites)

Video Links (minutes:seconds) Video Description (Click on description to access additional resources)
1. Connecting with the LTU Library (1:45) Where to find the LTU library on campus and online, how to connect to LTU librarians and how to find answers to your questions 24/7.
2. Overview of Online Services (1:42) The LTU Library homepage is starting point for getting the information students need to succeed. (Links out to the library homepage.)
3. What's Online, What's On Site (1:47) What are the benefits to researching online? What advantages do you get with a library visit?
4. Six free Services for Students Services you will use to download and cite eBooks and articles, place holds on materials and request items via Interlibrary Loan.
5. How to do Research: Overview (:51) Here are the steps you will follow to conduct research. There are links to hlepful information about each step too.
6. How to do Research: Choosing your Topic (1:58) This should end with the creation of a question which is focused enough to begin searching for information and complex enough to justify asking it.
7. How to do Research: Searching TechCat Turn your research question into searchable keywords and filter out unwanted search results.
8. How to do Research: Sorting your Search Results  
9. How to do Research: Evaluating your Sources  
10. Citation (and how to avoid plagiarism)  
11. Troubleshooting  




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