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General: Renew Books

Items that cover a broad range of interests

SIGN IN to your TechCat Account

With TechCat Discovery, you just need one account.  It is personal, unique account and you have to set it up one time. It is different from you network credentials.

To set up your account, go to the sign up page, and choose "set/reset password"

put in your 9-digit Banner number.

Make up a password of your choice, one you will remember.
[this is your PRIVATE account and is not related to your Canvas account]


You will receive an email, click on the link in the email, and you are done.

When you "SIGN IN" you can check your account to renew books or see your due dates, place a book on hold so you can pick it up at the library later, make lists of items, and also save these items to a permanent list to use the items later.

You can also save items in "My List" to keep them to refer to again later.


"My List"

"My List" allows you to save items that interest you, and you can print them to take to the stacks, or save them permanently.

Choose your item by clicking on "save"

  The star will change from plain to blue to indicate that is now saved in the list.

NOTE: the list is NOT saved until you SIGN IN and save the items in a folder.


"Citing an Item"

Chose the "CITE" button on the record and then you can see what it looks like in many different formats, or you can export it to Refworks:

Need help? Contact the library at 248.204.3000 or email