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General: Environmental Psychology

Items that cover a broad range of interests

Navigating the LTU Library

Journal/Magazine Websites

Examples of magazines with websites you might want to visit.  The library has print copies of current and older issues of these journals/magazines but you can often find limited information or set up a free account for limited access to archived content, blogs & other web features on the publication's website. Look for the Register, Sign In, Create Account, etc., button to create an account.

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Architectural Record

Canadian Architect




Browse Journals & Magazines

By publication title:

  1. Search the title in TechCat - if available electronically, there will be a "View Now" button.
  2. Search the eJournal List (link on the library home page) - type the title in the search box.

By subject:

  1. Go to eJournal List link (above) and check the box for Architecture. Click search at the bottom of the page. If available electronically, the links will appear under the Full Text Access "breadbox".


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