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Engineering: General

Getting Started

Thousands of books, journal articles, conference proceedings, and other types of literature are identifiable through TechCat+ and our subscription databases. Many of these are available electronically, while others may be found in the print collection or requested through interlibrary loan.

Start with an overview search for books & articles in TechCat+. It automatically searches many of our databases but you may also add specific ones to broaden the search.  To really zero in on a topic, you may want to search a few selected databases individually for the most complete results. If you have questions, please contact a Reference Librarian. (248-204-3000 or


Search the ebooks collections separately.

Subject Guides

To search for journal articles, conference proceedings, etc., select the most appropriate subject area below. Some topic areas may have more than one guide.

Finding Articles (General Engineering)

The indexes/databases below cover all areas of Engineering.

More Databases

These databases may also be helpful. Remember, if the full-text is not at your fingertips, try LinkSource in the citation record.


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Citation Assistance

For more detailed information on citing references, see the Citing Your Sources LibGuide.

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